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Therapy Rooms to Let: About our Philosophy

Letting Therapy Rooms has never been better.

Feeling comfortable in your own space is an essential element to human flourishing.

Our mission is to connect those that have massage rooms and other spaces to let with renters.

Our focus is on simplicity and making individuals be able to find each other without much hassle.

Group Therapy Rooms to Let


We are experienced professionals who have gained a lot of knowledge in letting therapy rooms for many years ourselves. We know that finding a suitable person can be a challenge in itself. The difficulty of then maintaining a relationship with a renter that is fruitful can be difficult.

Room Renters

Equally a renter will often encounter a market with many beauty and therapy rooms not being clean and generally badly maintained. Next to that some letters and landlords can be very unreasonable.

Office room to let in Liverpool

Our Features

This is why we have a grading system which allows you to share your experience with only the best rooms standing out. This ensures that people find a room that suits them.

Group Therapy Rooms to Let in New Malden

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Our contracts are monthly and can be cancelled at any times. Because of the quality of advertising on our platform, many stay for a long time and have had a lot of success in letting therapy rooms.

Therapy Rooms to let as found in London


Just go to our front page and enter what you are looking for. Some people need a therapy room in London whilst others are looking for a suitable massage space.

You will see the contact details of the office or room owner. You can even message them using our own internal messaging system. There are no strings attached. Feel free to contact as many as you want.

Whether you are looking for a beauty room to rent next to you or want to rent a salon that has many mirrors, our in-depth advertising feature will allow you to see pictures and more in-depth details of every room.

If you are a psychotherapist or psychologist, you have the option of letting your therapy room, if you’re a salon owner you can let it too, you can do the same if you have a massage room or beauty room to let.

If the room you want to let falls outside of that category, you can always allocate the category that fits most and still successfully advertise your room.

Offering therapy rooms to Let can be a challenge as it is difficult to make sure that you find the right person for your room.

You do not want to rent your therapy room out to someone who will offer unqualified therapy that may cause damage to those they serve.

At the same time you also want to make sure that the therapy room is in order and that you will find a renter that pays their rent.

At seekaroom we offer you a comprehensive platform to be able to manage your listings and directly message and communicate with potential renters.

no matter whether you are a massage therapist or let beauty rooms, we will be able to help you find a suitable renter.

We have different packages available in order to accommodate your needs. For just 7.99 a month, you will be able to advertise your room.

With our premium package, you will be able to advertise ten Therapy Rooms to Let!

Peter Klein, the owner of the successful therapist – client matching service seekapsych runs

His experience has allowed him to manage the platform in a way that takes into consideration the concerns people have with many therapy rooms to let.

Most Therapy Rooms to Let are in the United Kingdom with London housing most listings. Many of the treatment rooms available to rent are in demand due to the amount of therapists and hairdresser looking to start their own business.

You should always be able to conduct a free viewing of a room. Massage rooms can have different aspects that are important than for a example a therapy room. Therefore always look at rooms in some details and take your time in order to be happy with the room you choose.

Therapy Rooms to Let

Don’t miss out on finding the right renter! Let your therapy or salon now.

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